Chain Link Temporary Fencing

6’x12′ temporary chain link fence

temporary chain link fence to the United state market in the highest quality and affordable price meet ASTM A392 standard. The height of temporary fence available 4′ 6′ 8’and width 9′ 9.5′ 10′ 12′ 14′ etc Hot dipped galvanized to be 14 microns /42 microns /52 microns and 84 microns zinc coated chain link fabric and frame tubing etc. By market and productions experience among all of temporary chain link fence spec, we are always recommend following the spec  Temporary Chain Link Fence Panels

Material low carbon steel wire, Q195
carbon steel pipe, Q235
America Standard SpecificationWire diameter:2.7mmMesh opening:58x58mm,60mm*60mm,50mm*50mmFrame pipe:32mm O.D.33.4mmO, DPipe thickness:2.0mm–3.0mmHXL:6ft*10ft,6ft*12ft
Surface finish(Hot dipped galvanizing)Wire zinc coatingAbout 200g/m2(28 microns)Pipe zinc coatingAbout 300g/m2(42 microns)
Fence baseHot dipped galvanizing, sizes are suited to the pipe diameter.
Blow molded plastic concrete feet762mm*460mm, or customized as your requirement
PackageOn steel pallet
  • 1⅝” / 1.625inch /41.20mm outer tubing wall thickness 16Ga/1.60mm wall thick 6’x12′
  • 1¼” / 1.250inch/ 32.00mm outer tubing wall thickness 16Ga/1.60mm wall thick 8’x12′
  • 1⅗”/ 1.60inch/ 40.00mm outer tubing wall thickness 16Ga/1.60mm wall thick 4’x12′

Hot dipped galvanized 1.2 oz/ft2,1.8 oz/ft2,2 oz/ft2 are standard galvanized but due to market reason so in quoted we are also quoted hot dipped galvanized 100gram/sqm 300gram/sqm and 600gram/sqm to the client for reference and compare the price