Chain Link Temporary Fencing

7’height*10′ width temporary construction fence

1. Chain Link, Temporary fence is also known as Temporary fencing, temporary fence panels, portable fence, Temp fence, temp fencing, and mobile fence. It is consist of chain link panel, round tube frame, plastic feet, stays, and clamps. This kind of fence has a superior structure, globality, mobility, and environmental suitability is very good.

Common product specification:

Materiallow carbon steel wire, Q195
 carbon steel pipe, Q235
AU Standard SpecificationWire diameter:2.7mmMesh opening:58x58mm,60mm*60mm,50mm*50mmFrame pipe:32mm O.D.33.4mmO, DPipe thickness:2.0mm–3.0mmHXL:6 ft*10ft,6ft*12ft
Surface finish(Hot dipped galvanizing)Wire zinc coatingAbout 200g/m2(28 microns)Pipe zinc coatingAbout 300g/m2(42 microns)
Fence baseHot dipped galvanizing, sizes are suited to the pipe diameter.
Blow molded plastic concrete feet762mm*460mm
PackageOn steel pallet

Features for the chain link fence:

1). It can quickly and easily be installed, without the need to disturb the surface area by digging holes or laying foundations.

2). Weather resistant and durable, and will last much longer; The temporary fences are light and easy to handle while being strong and robust at the same time;

3). The feet are removable which makes transportation and storage much easier and more efficient

4). Easy to Erect – four meters a minute

Constructed from heavy gauge galvanized tube and welded mesh infill

Economical temp fence – can be used time after time

Delivered accompanied by fork lift for easy distribution

Create a gate at any point on the perimeter

Light and easy to handle

Productive process:

Pre-hot dip galvanized wire drawing— cut wire and pipes —wire weave—cut the corners of the mesh—Pre hot dip galvanized pipes welded—polish the welds—paint anti-rust epoxy—spray silver powder coat on each weld—stacking—the packaging

First: Chain link fence weaving: